ROM CABLU which was founded in 1996 in order to produce telephone cables, today is one of the leading names in producing and exporting communication cables. As ROM CABLU Cable, we’re producing and exporting overseas Outdoor Telephone Cables, Indoor Telephone Cables, Electronic Control Cables, Coaxial Cables, Data / Lan cables, Fiber Optic Cables, Electrical cables and Cable Accessories.

Our policy development is the main purpose formation and development of contacts and cooperation with business partners from all fields related to ours. The experience gained over the years and the commitments that the company has until now, are the elements that attest to a high level of professionalism and speed in order to achieve objectives.In activities in quality, Rom Cablu SRL Valenii de Munte develop and implement quality management system to ensure the organization able to maintain control all the factors technical, administrative and human that influence quality of our products .

International quality certificates such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001 OHSAS  given for our various products are the sign of trust to the cables manufactured in our production plant.

The management team of the company, the resources allocated are concerned about the continuous increase in the level of staff training and professional development, but also for the development of products that match the requested parameters and a high quality.

To meet market demands in Romania have made ​​investments to improve the quality of products made ​​by us and for diversifying varieties.

Thus ROM CABLU SRL offers stock these types of telecommunication cables :



- Indoor cable  TCYY;
- Indoor cable  TICu2YY;
- Flexible flat -Cable TLiAPPYp;
- Jumper Wire TCYr;


- zincate steel cables with pvc insulation TBUOY;
- self-support  cableTBLA
- outdoor cable  Jelly Filled  TU2YfsFL2Y;
- outdoor aerial  cable Jelly Filled  TU2YfsFL2Y-A;
- outdoor cable  Jelly Filled  armoured TU2YfsSL2Yab2Y; 


- Cat 5e UTP, FTP cat 5e, 6e UTP, UTP cat 5e & power, UTP cat 5e with messenger,
- FTP cat 5e with messenger, cables for fire alarm JY (st) Y ;